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Heartland Catfish Company is a state-of-the-art catfish processing facility. The 135,000 square feet facility was designed and built to maintain the highest efficiencies while producing the highest quality catfish products in the industry.

To insure the freshness of our products, we designed our plant around some of the most advanced environmental controls available at the time. We can control and monitor air and water temperatures in all areas of the processing plant, which insures our customers of receiving a product, that is the freshest in the industry.

In addition to temperature controls, a direct fire water heater provides 140 degree hot water on demand for cleaning crews to provide a sanitary environment every day. Heartland Catfish controls product flow with software and grading equipment, that enables us to grade and weigh fish individually before and after processing. [ Catfish Entering Plant ]This system gives us the ability to quickly identify machine problems and keep down time to a minimum.

Heartland Catfish Company operates under a FDA as well as USDC HAACP plan. When the USDC inspects plants they are measuring three things, product safety, wholesomeness (freshness), and economic fraud. Since May 27, 1997, we have been operating with a level 1 rating from the USDC, which is the highest rating that can be awarded to a plant.

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